Julian Lennon on U2's The Edge and Art Basel: "Cakes and Sex? I'm Up For It"

Julian Lennon Someone To Look Up To.jpg
courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery
Julian Lennon, Someone To Look Up To
When Julian Lennon began photographing U2, he was granted unusually intimate access and took quite a few images.

"Then I went to look at them," Lennon told Cultist at the Morrison Hotel gallery's Art Basel popup at the Dream Hotel. "And I went, 'Shit. They look like fucking holiday photos.'

"I've got the opportunity here with U2 and I'm shooting shit. And that's where I was, I'd literally sat on the floor after a session with Bono, and that's when I took the shot. I knew immediately it was the one shot I needed."

The resultant shot (seen above), Someone to Look Up To, shows Bono in the studio, a photo of a young John Lennon aligned above his head.

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Bob Gruen lennon contact sheet.jpg
courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery
Bob Gruen, John Lennon contact sheet - NYC, 1974
"It's about finding a moment," Lennon said. "Not only Bono, but for dad and for both of them."
Morrison Hotel specializes in music photography and represents legends of the field including Bob Gruen (that photo of John Lennon in the New York City tank top is his), Janette Beckmann and Jim Marshall. Starting Grammy weekend, Morrison Hotel will be expanding from its New York City location and opening a permanent gallery in the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles.

"The work we show," gallery co-owner Peter Blachley said, "it will never be duplicated. It doesn't mean we're not acquiring new photographers. We have Clay Patrick McBride, who shot Kanye West and Jay-Z together in an homage to John and Robert Kennedy. But it's harder today to get that kind of access."

His partner, Rich Horowitz, added, "Everyone should be able to take their camera photos during a show. But what we have is access. Only that one photographer has the spot behind that amp stack. Joni and Graham in the back of a car driving up to Big Bear? That kind of access will never be granted again. It's a lost art."

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