Miami's Ten Biggest Arts & Culture Stories of 2012

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Bob Adelman
Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood blunder: totally on the list.
It's been a good year, Miami.

Sure, we've had our disappointments. CSI: Miami was canceled, meaning we'll never hear another so-bad-it's-really-bad-but-also-kind-of-great Horatio Caine pun. The Kardashians received the key to North Miami, embarrassing us all. Local tattoo goddess Tatu Baby did not win Ink Master.

But we've had a bounty of good fortune, too: A triumphant eighth Borscht Film Festival, a new home for YoungArts, a transforming downtown, and an Art Basel packed full of spectacles, from serious art to silly installations around town. And those aren't even in our top ten biggest arts and culture stories of 2012. Check them out after the jump.


10. Back to Blood
When literary giant Tom Wolfe announced his next novel, Back to Blood, would be set in Miami, we got all giddy inside. Then the book was released, and promptly torched by just about every reviewer on the planet. Why can't we have nice things?

9. The Real Housewives' Bitchslap
What's more entertaining than Tom Wolfe's fake, hysterical dramatizing of our city? Real Housewives' slightly less fake, hysterical dramatizing of our city. Viewers waited nearly an entire season to see the slap heard 'round the Bravo-watching world this year. But it was, like, totally worth it.

8. Pain & Gain
Not to pat ourselves on our thick, rippled, muscle-y backs, but sometimes, New Times feature stories can be downright cinematic. Just ask Michael Bay and his awesomely/terrifyingly giant Hans and Franz-esque duo of The Rock and Mark Wahlberg.

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