Miami's Ten Biggest Arts & Culture Stories of 2012

Categories: Culture

7. Banksy at Art Miami
Arts lovers around the city got extra excited for Art Basel week this year when we reported that Art Miami's new CONTEXT fair was bringing real Banksy walls to Miami. Not that excited: Banksy himself, and supporters of street art in general, who objected to the works being moved from their original locations and what they view as Art Miami's implicit condoning of such an act.

6. Edward Villella Leaves MCB
Miami City Ballet's founder and former artistic director grew the company into one of the nation's best batch of ballerinas. But this year, he left his position in a rumor-filled dramafest fit for the stage, with rumors flying that he'd been ousted by the MCB board.

5. Trump's Movie Studio
Donald Trump unveiled some pretty ambitious plans for a giant film studio on 800 acres of Homestead swamp ... and was then derailed by city ordinances and safety concerns. We're still holding out hope for the project, if only because we can't wait to refer to this town as The Donaldwood.

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