Miami's Ten Biggest Arts & Culture Stories of 2012

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4. Red Grooms', Uh, Thing
What can we say about the Tremenda Mierda Fountain that hasn't already been said? Nothing, because we already spent the better part of 2012 mocking it relentlessly.

Glad tidings of more and better art in Miami turned to sour grapes at the end of 2011, when Jorge Perez ponied up an extra $5 million in exchange for putting his name on the building. In the year since, more benefactors have stepped forward, including Stephen Ross and Mike Fernandez, and with its opening scheduled for 2013, PAMM's sure to be making even more news in the New Year.

2. "Why Are Miami's Best Artists Moving to Los Angeles?"
That's the question we asked in May, and in response, readers gave us an outpouring of anger, frustration, name-calling, and yes, even a little bit of support for Miami artists just trying to keep doing what they love. At the time, the realization that the Magic City was losing Friends With You, Jen Stark, and others felt like a wake-up call. But now, seven months later, can we say the scene has changed?

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