Five Freaky Exhibits at NADA Art Fair: Mob-Style Carpet Jobs and Murder (Photos)

As the "theater kid" of Miami's art fair scene during Art Basel week, NADA Art Fair is known for supporting emerging talent -- much of which leans toward the dramatic end of the spectrum.

This year's fair is no exception, with exhibits focused on themes of violence, experimental music, tabloid culture, and progressive politics.

Check out our favorites after the jump.

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marko maestrom.jpg
Maetamm's life-sized nightmare
marko maetamm hunter.jpg
A seriously disturbing exhibit is Marko Mäetamm's Walking in My Hunting Ground, presented by the Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. The exhibit features a life-sized person wrapped in a carpet, as well as a series of poems and illustrations. We spoke with Mäetamm about the disquieting nature of the exhibition. "Basically, the family and the domestic stories have been my interest for the past six or seven years," he says. "I find family life is something like a small community. It's protected, yet isolated. It's very fragile and that can have very dangerous implications: a huge possibility for violence. You never know when you'll become violated or the violator."

While the exhibit is quite disturbing, it does have a rather humorous aspect to it. Some of the individual animations are reminiscent of a cartoon-like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but funny. According to Mäetamm, "I think it's important when it comes out it's half funny, half terrible. I think this is why it's accessible."

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