Real Housewives of Miami Reunion: Top Ten Moments From Part One

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3. Rodolfo No Te Gusta Karent
Here was the biggest shocker of the evening: Karent and Rodolfo broke up. In the words of Justin Timberlake, "Cry me a freaking river." Ok, we might have added a little there. She beat around the breakup bush like it was her job. Well, her real job is a dentist and she showed those pearly whites while talking about the hardest times in her life per usual. Its annoying, OK, we will say it.

2. Ana Goes Ape Shit
If we will walk away with one question this season, it's this: Where did Ana come from? All season long, she has just been cooking, crying or being the voice of reason. Apparently she got off the plane in NYC and left those days behind. Maybe its all the air she was giving to her boobs that went to her brain? She's calling out Lea and her age, making sure Karent knows she sucks and if there was a moment of silence on set, she was filling it with a chop to one of the girls. For the inevitable round three of this show, we hope she keeps up the same mentality.

1. JoAAnna Krupa
We didn't put the AA in her name for no reason. How do we say this politely? Joanna Krupa is a boozehound. For the wives and everyone around her, this is a bad thing. For us, it just makes us want to hang out with her even more. If Bravo is good at one thing, it's a montage of how fucked up you were this entire season. They perfected it to make Mrs. Krupa look like a baby Charlie Sheen. We think their just hating. If you looked at any of the scenes of her white girl wasted, there is a good chance she looked better than you sober.

See you next week for the reunion, part two. Mama Elsa makes a cameo -- need we say more?

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@Mlle_D I had to stop. I felt like I was watching an epi of Toddlers & Tiaras but with learning disabled. It felt wrong. @CultistMiami


@MiamiNewTimes @CultistMiami These bitches are crazy #RHOM


@GoodGirlRoxy best line of the review "there is usually one broad looking like an out-of-work drag queen" @CultistMiami


@Mlle_D Except with RHOA it is usually an actual drag queen. @CultistMiami


@GoodGirlRoxy girl listen. have you seen the 2 queens episode about hair?

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