The Ten Best Street Art Murals In Wynwood

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Hawaii's own Estria goin' in
The first Monday after Basel some shop owners woke up feeling grateful that they let great street artists use their walls as canvases. The rest kicked the curb and cursed their graffiti tag-bombed storefronts.

There's no shortage of new paint on the walls around Wynwood, but many old standbys remain. From the fresh to the long-lasting, here are our ten favorites.

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10. Zombie Hands
NW Second Avenue, close to 29th Street, south facing wall.
Post-apocalyptic biomechanical corpse hands with machine parts make like ET and have a powerful moment.

9. Secret with Bruce Lee character
East of the highway at 25th Street.
Miami graff veterano Secret has been holding the hordes of out of town painters off this wall for the 305 for years now, and keeping his themes fresh for the hundreds of thousands of daily drivers that pass it on the 95.

8. Lady's face on warehouse, Rone.
Between NW Second and North Miami Avenue.
The warehouse walls have eyes. Watch where you piss.

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Wow, misnamed, poorly discribed and most walls you guys forgot to name them.

Ps. That Bruce lee way to go back to 1983 with those wack fingers. One hand is missing a finger! Come on man, respect WYNWOOD a little bit more than this.


You picked 10 of the worst ones. Well done.


Thanks for rating our wall with DALeast #1 in Miami!

Mar Lena
Mar Lena

who picked these as the best? you showcased Estria in the article but I didn't see the mural he worked on in the list... :-/

John James Muller
John James Muller

There's so many amazing Murals down there. Met the artist painting the one of the lady and quote in front of Panther coffee

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