The Ten Best Street Art Murals In Wynwood

Categories: Art
3. Cartoon Violence Wall
NW Third Avenue, close to 26th Street.
Bold colors, bursting pixels, coyote brains, and hammers. What more could you ask for?

2. Eye and Fly, Scott Debus
This won't be the first or last highly detailed eyeball you see painted on a shoe wholesaler, but the creepy fly and ugly veins might give you nightmares when you see this one.

1. Wireman, Dal
23rd Street, close to North Miami Avenue
Guy made of wires jumps off side of building, looks so real that everyday passing cars and bikes stop and wait for him to hit the ground.

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Wow, misnamed, poorly discribed and most walls you guys forgot to name them.

Ps. That Bruce lee way to go back to 1983 with those wack fingers. One hand is missing a finger! Come on man, respect WYNWOOD a little bit more than this.


You picked 10 of the worst ones. Well done.


Thanks for rating our wall with DALeast #1 in Miami!

Mar Lena
Mar Lena

who picked these as the best? you showcased Estria in the article but I didn't see the mural he worked on in the list... :-/

John James Muller
John James Muller

There's so many amazing Murals down there. Met the artist painting the one of the lady and quote in front of Panther coffee

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