Netflix Outages Aren't the End of the World: Remember All The Terrible Movies You Won't Miss

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via formatc1/Flickr
Netflix is turning us into large and lazy humans, like the ones from Wall-E. Contrary to what the Internet wants you to believe, one disconnected night won't kill you. In fact, an outage like the one that occurred on Christmas Eve and sparked widespread Internet panic might serve as a helpful reminder every now and then that books still exist, that you can take a walk, or talk to someone, that your night doesn't have to be filled with mindless entertainment.

If you start suffering from withdrawal the next time a Netflix server fails, think of all the movies you won't miss, like these:

"Fireplace For Your Home"
The title gives it all away.

"Super Hero Party Clown"
It's like Napoleon Dynamite, but worse.

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