Miami Art Week: Wynwood Street Art Madness Has Begun

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Lushy and Mars repping Kendall on 24th
If art is electricity, then Wynwood is a nuclear power plant, and millions of extra-thorough watts of creative energy are already pumping through the streets. Sunday afternoon we saw the rising tide of pigment rolling through the mainland in a tidal wave of paint. Here are a few of the creators from around the world who are making it happen.

On 24th street and North Miami Ave, local artists Lushy and Mars are rocking an Aztec themed wall.

Lushy says, "This is our first mural in Wynwood. This wall was all toyed out with crossed out tags so we went and asked the owner if we could make it pretty. We came up with this theme of ancient culture, so we have the tagged up Aztec temple and a powerful woman."

Mars says, "It's awesome working out here because of all the people we meet, like Ewok, who I've been a fan of since I was mad young. I got into painting when I was like 15, and I'm like 25 now. It's cool that we got a wall here."


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Dude, I saw that Sheto guy and his crew using a projector to trace that piece which is totally laughable in the art scene. You don't do that............. Rookies.

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