Zero Dark Thirty's Edgar Ramirez on the Film's Torture Scenes: "It's For the Viewer to Interpret"

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Zero Dark Thirty's official trailer

Ramirez says it was only three months after he experienced New York's reaction to the news that Bigelow called him to offer him the role of Larry. Having worked on films by such top-notch action directors like the late Tony Scott (Domino) and Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum), he says Bigelow brought a special, cool, but sensitive approach to the set. "It's interesting because Kathryn knows very well what she wants, but she really trusts her crew and her actors. She has a very clear sense of what she's looking for. However, she creates an environment where you feel completely free to propose and to do whatever you want, whatever you feel is needed to go through a scene, and that is a very unique talent: to know exactly where to take the boat while making everybody feel free."

Though having won both the Best Picture and Director Oscars in 2010 for her last film, The Hurt Locker, Bigelow is not in the running for this year's director award. However, the film's female star, Jessica Chastain, made it into the actress category. Ramirez says of her, "She's one of the most talented and committed actresses I've ever worked with ... It was a real privilege to work with her. She's just very honest. She commits very intimately to her characters, and it's a treat to work with her."

Though the film ends with the famous raid on bin Laden's hideout, its final statement is far from gung ho. Instead, the film ends with Chastain's character, Maya, in a solitary and intimate moment of powerful introspection. Without getting specific, Ramirez sums up the film's final and all-encompassing note perceptively: "I think that this movie is not a movie about death. I think that this movie is the opposite of death. I think that it doesn't rejoice in the pain in the death, of the killing ... it goes beyond that."

Zero Dark Thirty opens wide in theaters across South Florida today.

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