Texas Chainsaw 3D's Alexandra Daddario Hates Chainsaws, Loves Dirk Diggler's Diggler

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Justin Lubin
Each mention of the word chainsaw seemed to make Daddario tremble as though a deranged backwoods psycho were tugging at a starter cord on her back. Cultist reminded Daddario that there are other uses for chainsaws than chopping up young coeds. Ice sculpting and logging, for example, though each is chilling in its own way. Then Daddario came clean.

"I'm actually terrified of chainsaws. I wouldn't trust myself with a chainsaw."

And spending months on a movie in which people -- one of whom was Daddario herself -- were chased by a man trying to kill them with a chainsaw...that didn't get her over her fear?

"Um, no. I don't think so."

But whereas chugging, blood-spattered chainsaws have overwhelmed Daddario with terror, Miami has managed to overwhelm her with little more than natural beauty.

"I feel overwhelmed by how amazing it is, to be honest," she said, looking out her South Beach hotel room window. "The weather. And I was just looking at everyone swimming and the water is so gorgeous." Nota bene: watching to see who refuses to go for a swim is a good way to tell which new friends are hiding their bionics. "That might be a tip off," Daddario said. "I'll check next time."

And there will be a next time. "I'm already planning another trip here. I decided. It's really, really amazing."

How then would Miami Chainsaw 3D be different from its Texan counterpart?

"There'd be more bikini wearing," she said, as improbable as this may be for those who've seen the current film to believe, being as that it takes advantage of 3D for more than just scares. "It'd be more tropical. I think one of the reasons that Texas Chainsaw Massacre works so well is because it's sort of very creepy and desolate. Whereas in Miami, it might be a little bit warmer. Well, not warmer because it was pretty warm where we shot but definitely beach-ier."

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