Texas Chainsaw 3D's Alexandra Daddario Hates Chainsaws, Loves Dirk Diggler's Diggler

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Justin Lubin
Daddario and director John Luessenhop.
Put to rest any images of Leatherface in a guayabera of human skin and attacking people with a pressed ham sandwich; "It would have to be a chainsaw," Daddario said. Not to say that Leatherface wouldn't find himself immune to a twinge of vanity, what with being surrounded by so many perfect physical specimens. Perhaps even back in Texas, Leatherface dished some beauty tips with our star?

"I mean, if you're wearing a human face, I'm not sure that you're looking to be beautiful," Daddario said, playing into generations-old societal standards. "You're looking to be terrifying."

Terror. Something about which Daddario has come to know more than a little bit. After all, she had to process the emotions of seeing her friends bisected with a chainsaw.

"We all have our own fears," she said. "One thing I learned when I studied acting was to apply things that make you scared and miserable and unhappy and all that kind of stuff to situations you've never been in. I've never been in a situation where I've been attacked by a guy with a chainsaw, but you can learn how to apply something else to that situation."

What personal experience she drew on, Daddario would not say. However, it should be said that she did flinch every time Cultist stuffed another complimentary mini egg salad sandwich into our mouth.

At the time of our interview, it was still unknown if the world would end according to Mayan prophesy. But ain't no Mayan ever chased Alexandra Daddario with a chainsaw. Her advice in the face of danger, be it dubious apocalyptic or the very reasonable fear of being attacked by a guy with a chainsaw?

"Stay calm and carry on," she said. "Unless you're an actor who has to be in a scene with a chainsaw, and then you can delve into those weird fears."

Texas Chainsaw 3D opens nationwide today. Alexandra Daddario can be found on Twitter @AADaddario.

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