Miami Art Fair International: Christian Slater, Light Sculptures, and More Floating Culture

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Courtesy of International Fine Art Expositions
"I'm on a boat, bitch," wasn't exactly the first thing one might have expected to hear when approaching the dock of a 40-million-dollar yacht as it hosts the fourth edition of the Miami International Art Fair -- but yeah, that happened.

Attendees were obviously excited (some more poised than others) to be stepping foot onto the SeaFair for the floating exhibition of artists hosted by David and Lee Ann Lester of International Fine Art Expositions, the founders of MIA, Art Miami, Palm Beach International Art & Antique Fair, ArtPalmBeach, the Naples International Art & Antique Fair, Art Naples, and Art Sarasotain, with 20 years in the business.

People SeaFair
The event takes place in the world's first mobile megayacht venue, one of the ten largest privately owned yachts in the country. At 228 feet-long and 2800 international tons, the elegant four-deck ship docked alongside Biscayne Boulevard and the InterContinental Miami.

Lee Ann Lester, host of the event, said, "Galleries are greatly dependent on the fair business...the whole system of brick-and-mortar retailing has gone through a huge transformation as well as all media communications... Our idea was to build a smaller venue that could come to a city an within a day or two, be set up, and have a beautiful exhibit. And of course, who doesn't love to be on the water on a beautiful day?"

Carlos Estevez
Teléfono Para Suicidas by Carlos Estevez
On Thursday, MIA previewed artistic works from all over the world to collectors and art enthusiasts in Miami. Even Christian Slater and fiancée Brittany Lopez showed up. Friday evening, the intimate setting continued to impress as French artist, Jadikan, demonstrated a live work outside on deck.

Slater Lopez
Jesus Rojas,
Jadikan asked volunteers to sit still for 50 seconds as he hurried around them, moving light sticks and flashlights up and down their bodies while an assistant manned the camera. A look of concentration came over his face as he painted an invisible picture in the dark amongst observers. The final product is a photograph displaying neon light patterns one might believe can only be achieved by using some sort of overpriced smartphone filter app.

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InterContinental Miami

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL

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the gun phone totally ruins any seriousness of this article..


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