Miami Art Fair International: Christian Slater, Light Sculptures, and More Floating Culture

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Eight years ago, Jadikan accidentally stumbled upon his artistic ability. "It was a mistake with a cigarette," he said. First a cigarette, then a candle, and as he took notice of these things, he began to experiment with photography and timing. "I understand that I can be twice in the same picture, so I stayed for two seconds in one place, two seconds in another place, so I saw it can be twice and so it begins to be an addiction.

"Typical setup is one tripod, one camera, one remote...I used to build my own tools to be more precise... [It] just depends what you want to do. You build your tool to do what you feel...In the location I find the inspiration," he said. Jadikan said he prefers abandoned places or natural locations to shoot his work. Sometimes he runs around playing with colors and light for four hours before he begins to feel comfortable in the environment.

Paul Rousso
The first deck hosted galleries from New York, Massachusetts, Miami, Buenos Aires, and Paris. Unmistakable prints like Botero's renowned Tango and Warhol's Cow immediately captivates wandering viewers. Across the room, giant melted disco balls and crumpled installations of money and candy bars drape the walls. Artist Paul Rousso turns these commercially beloved items into multi-dimensional and trippy Dalí-like installations.

Another light painter, Stephen Knapp, draws in spectators with pieces so mystical and color explosive that it almost looks like he's found a way to capture and contain the Northern Lights. Knapp is self-taught with no formal artistic training, but his college studies of History and English have allowed him to produce such works. "The History and English part is the research; you do research a lot and I've always been fascinated by materials... There's no paint at all, it's simply light. There's no color and that's a blank, white background. Think of a prism. You put a clear prism in front of white light and you get all these brilliant colors as it takes the wavelengths of light and breaks it into individual colors," He said.

Stephen Knapp
Although Knapp's work is is based on electricity, his pieces are environmentally conscious. Some of his major public installations save between two and 10,000 watts of energy because they light the room without having to use architectural lighting since they thrive in dim light ranges. "It's all complement ability to both transmit and reflect is how this all happens," he said. (You can check out Knapp's work at the Lowe starting this weekend, too.)

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InterContinental Miami

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL

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