Miami Art Fair International: Christian Slater, Light Sculptures, and More Floating Culture

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anemone art
Valeria Rocchiccioli
On the second deck, galleries from the U.K., Miami, Russia, California, Connecticut, and New York were on display. Valeria Rocchiccioli's anemone-looking pieces made from bottle caps and twist-ties jutted from the walls and Mark Helliar's sommerso glass sculptures took up residence nearby.

Alistair Gibson
Carbon King, a piece by South African artist Alistair Gibson, is a regal African lion skull sculpted from carbon fiber and bismuth -- it demands attention from attendees. Gibson's intense designs and engineer work go hand in hand with his personality. "From a background in the motor racing industry, especially Formula One, which taught me how to work with the material and after traveling around the world for a couple of years, I decided I wanted to do something for myself... I set off initially making fish [sculptures], which was enthralling in terms of hydrodynamic versus aerodynamic and showing the link between modern engineering and modern material to the natural world. That was sort of a theme that took hold, which led me to do the skulls," he said. The lion skull is made of 336 individual layers of tiny carbon fiber sheets, a labor of love that takes about six months each to make. The sculpture is a limited edition of six, two of which have already sold.

Artist Alex Queral
Deck three concluded the last tier of works on display by galleries from Paris and Miami. Guests posed for pictures with sculptures by Ruth Bloch and eyed jewelry by Rachel Dugger before moving onto the fourth level of the ship, the Sky Deck, to take in the evening sky and some fresh air for those who didn't quite have their sea legs.

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