Dachshund Winterfest: Adorable Dogs and Their Stories of Puppy Love (Photos)

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Claudia & Matilda, age 1; Luis & Ceci, age 9
"Matilda and Ceci, my brother and I have had Dachshunds since we were babies; our oldest one lived till the ripe old age of 18! So, it is only natural that we adopted you as pets in your adult years. Ceci, remember the time Luis and I were both studying for the Bar Exam and you ate right through a plastic gate? We got home and couldn't find you because you were hiding in the closet. Or the time, you pooped right in the bathtub in the bathroom?"

Kathy and Snoopy, 8
"Snoopy, my heart was broken when you were inflicted with intervertebral disc disease at just 3 years old. You were jumping up on your hind legs for a treat and let out a loud yelp. I rushed you to the vet at midnight, but there was nothing that could be done. A few weeks later you were on wheels. You have taught me so much about perseverance. You live in the moment and don't pine away because you are handicapped. You are truly an inspiration."

Scott and Khan, 4
"Khan, I am honored to have one of the world's grandest Dachshunds, weighing in at 42 lbs. I named you after Genghis Khan because under the Emperor's wrath the Mongol Empire became the largest in history. And even though you drive me nuts because you have literally eaten me out of house and home, with your sophisticated taste for carpets and drapes, you have taught me to look at the world through rose colored glasses and I can't imagine life without you."

--Leah Stern

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