LAB Miami Expands Into a Larger Wynwood Building

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LAB offices
Daniel Lafuente
Lafuente says there's really no secret to LAB's success; it's just a place that gets out as much as it puts in. The people involved are there because they believe in LAB's mantra of "Love. Art. Business." Take member Joey Halegua, Lafuente points out. His project Gutter Films, a series of free cult and B-movies, garnered such a large following that LAB noticed and accommodated its events.

Halegua's revamped Gutter seires will have a proper home utilizing LAB's new event space, where a top of the line HD projector will debut films on a wall two or three times larger than the original location's. "I would not be doing it if they didn't give me the space. Just having those people there that have such brilliant minds with start ups and that I'm always bouncing ideas off them. Gutter Films and LAB are a symbiotic relationship and I wouldn't exist if they didn't," Halegua said.

LAB égalité
Daniel Lafuente
Lafuente says everyone at LAB is working hard to get moved in and back to work on creative labors of love, including an official launch party with a tentative date for the first week of March.

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