Eight Reasons ESPN Should Fire Skip Bayless

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Behold, the face of Skeletor, Ruler of Snake Mountain
See that guy over there at the right? This is Skip. Skip is a troubled little man. He likes to yell a lot and he talks a great deal of nonsense, mostly while trying to resist the apparent temptation to take a sizable bite out of Stephen A. Smith's neck.

Generally, I don't care all that much about the affairs of ranting weirdos like Bayless. His is the sort of noise that comes screeching from the mouths of oddly dressed Miami natives riding the Metro and smelling of stale beef and urine. These people get broadcasting jobs too; Rush Limbaugh is a fine example.

But Skip and I have problems, not because he is a crazed idiot with a TV show, but because he is a crazed idiot with a TV show who likes to fuck with LeBron. This we cannot abide.

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I get that the Miami Heat are the best, and being the best means drawing the ire of those not fortunate enough to feel that sort of greatness. LeBron has adopted the fine moniker of King James and, as the old adage goes, heavy lies the crown. LeBron has been hated more viscerally and vigilantly than any sports figure since the Mongol Horde that were the Madden-era Raiders. But LBJ can take it in stride and still play ball like that glorious Champion that he is. Because he's the greatest and we love him.

But Skip is a special case. Here is a man so hellbent on continuing his brainless tirades until there is no oxygen left in the atmosphere for his scaled reptilian lungs to waste that he has persisted, day after day, in persecuting LeBron like some vile gargoyle of the hardwood, long after every other sensible individual in the field of sports has stopped indulging in the hatefest. And after watching this irksome, leather-skinned nincompoop bash Lebron's performance in Wednesday night's coronary-inducing stress fest -- you know, that incredible game against the Mavericks where James had 32 points and nearly earned a triple-double -- I've decided that I want this nutjob's head.

So, without further ado, here are ten reasons why I think ESPN should do themselves a favor and fire Skip Bayless. (You could also FedEx his head to me, Se7en style, for my proverbial mantlepiece, ESPN. Your call.)

1. He ignores the facts.
For years, Skippo's been howling about LeBron's failure to meet his expectations. Skipper, nobody cares about your expectations. Stick to the legitimate stuff, like how the man actually plays basketball. LeBron has utterly transformed himself since coming to Miami. He's elevated his game to the dazzling sort of prowess that leaves us stunned every time he crosses the court. He won Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year Award after being labeled selfish and cocky (by swamp creatures like Skip). He's on track for yet another regular season MVP award, and he'll apparently play nothing but 20-plus point games for the rest of his natural life. But in spite of all this, Skip desires only to bitch. On the great day of silence among the legions of hateful bloggers, columnists, announcers, and analysts that came when LeBron finally clutched the O'Brien trophy he'd been chasing for so long, there was Skip, spewing his blathering foulness on ESPN live in Miami. We ought to have chased him from the studio and fed him to the gators.

2. He's irrelevant.
Bayless' worn tirades have put off even the most die-hard Miami Heat haters. If you Google his name, the search engine will respond by asking you if you meant to search for "I hate Skip Bayless." No, seriously. And the end result of all this hatred is that nobody actually cares what Skipperton has to say.

Bayless himself knows this. He started his vomitous sideshow Thursday morning by responding to the question of what he thought of LeBron's game in the manner of a lost soul, not wanting to be found: "Here I go again...I realize I am the only human in the known world who cares anything about what I saw last night as I watched the Heat play Dallas at home..." When you openly acknowledge that you're the only person on the planet who gives a shit about what you're about to say, it's about time you quit your job.

3. His Face Gives Me The Fear
This is the grim visage that haunts the darkened rooms of small children with cable TV worldwide. Look at it. Skip, thou art heinous.

Via Deadspin.com
Heinous, indeed.

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This guy must not have had a good upbringing, who in the world would bring up a selfish guy like that. He is not a nice person, and he could never accomplish anything close to what Lebron has in his life..

This guy needs the players in the nba to step up and demand him to step down. If every NBA player did that the sport would be a better place because he is disrespectful. You know these athletes are fathers and normal people in society they should not have to put up with this guy. 

I demand start of a protest.. I {Matt] ask skipp baseless to step down because... your next..


Skippy Baseless is without a doubt the biggest moron to ever disgrace a talk-show forum. All last week he was going on and on about the "great" Brady and how Manning always folds... blah, blah, blah. What a joke. Brady overthrew everybody he targeted and sucked all day. Manning was his usual surgically accurate self. Denver destroyed "Skippys" Patriots in every phase of the game. Naturally, the day after, all "Skippy" could do was make excuses, just like his hero, The Cheating Belichick. Who the hell cares what Baseless has to say anyway? He is a wanna-be, never-was, pencil- necked little geek that has never played a down of organized football in his life, so what makes him the "expert"? He reminds me of a little kid sucking his thumb because he was picked on in school.


whichever idiot wrote this ridiculously biased article needs to be fired. skip bayless has been a professional sports journalist for over 30 years. he made ESPN first take successful. compare that to the miaminewtimes blog, which paid this asshole 20 bucks to write this senseless bs.

Chauncey Copeland
Chauncey Copeland

he's a knucklehead, but he is wrong so much it is comical..#8 is most important...he is bad at his job.

Taylor Hardy
Taylor Hardy

LBJ is not the greatest in my eyes and I love the heat'

Alexander Fernandez
Alexander Fernandez

LBJ can do no right, Tebow can do no wrong in his eyes. He's a non-drinking, Christian revivalist from OKC. He loathes all things Miami as it is the den of iniquities and and loves Tebow as the great white-Christian hope. LBJ is on top of the world and Tebow is unemployed. FU, Skip!


So, what part of Dallas are you from? Only a Cowboy fan would call Bayless a journalist. Anyone else would call him a fan, and a fanatical fan at that. That First Take is 'popular' is a fact; but to confuse that with professionalism or journalism is a total disconnect. FOX NEWS is super-duper 'popular'. Not many people with IQs in whole digits would confuse its content as professionalism or journalism. Speaking of assholes...


@puyoplash which is $19 more that Skip deserves to be paid for his ignorant disrespectful views. Professional? HA!! He's a joke.

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