Magic City's Season Two Trailer Takes Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Cuba (Video)

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It's been seven long months since we last saw Ike Evans and Ben Diamond battle it out over the business of high-end hotels and mob dealings on Magic City on TV. But if you were in South Beach or downtown during December, there's a good chance you got to see the Starz series sets up close, when creator Mitch Glazer and crew staged scenes on location.

Now, at long last, comes our first look at how those shoots fit into the bigger picture. Starz released Magic City's season two trailer over the weekend, and it looks to be taking the plot in an unexpected direction -- to Cuba, specifically.

UPDATE: Yes, that is Rick Ross.

Check it out after the jump.

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Wow!  Did they pick the perfect man for this part, or what!!??  I don't care where you take Jeffrey Dean Morgan, just make sure he's in front of the camera!!  We just can't get enough of him.  

Brad Pitt and George Clooney can officially retire...

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