Glee's Chris Colfer on Struck By Lightning, Rebel Wilson, and "Bitch-Forks"

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Colfer in Struck By Lightning.
Sunday night, Gleeks across America were simultaneously zapped. Or so it seemed as girl Gleeks in attendance at O Cinema fawned over Chris Colfer during the live webcast that followed the preview screening of his film, Struck By Lightning.

Twenty-six theaters across the country previewed the film before its official release in select theaters Friday, January 11. Among them was O's Miami Shores location, where an intimate crowd of the indie film's supporters gathered for Colfer's coming of age story about a boy who well, never really got to do that, because he was smote down by a mighty bolt of yes, you guessed it (there are only so many ways to say lightning).

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Roll credits, lights on, and before anyone's eyes had time to adjust, audience members already had their smartphones out for tweeting. Participants from all over the world directed their film questions at Colfer under the hash-tag #AskChrisSBL. A few minutes later, the screen tuned into the live webcast of Colfer being interviewed by an extremely chatty Ben Lyons.

In the short amount of time provided for the webcast, Colfer touched on everything from inspiration for the film, to the Tribeca experience, and trying to make "bitch-fork" happen.

Tribeca Film, Photo by Suzanne Houchin
When asked what sparked the the project, Colfer said, "Mostly just being so pissed in high school every single day. Just dealing with people and getting so frustrated and feeling like there was nothing out there for me to relate to."

Colfer explained his desire to capture the high school experience. "I just wanted to speak as authentically as possible, like in phrases I got in trouble for using in high school like 'bitch-fork,' which is my favorite word...I think teenagers are smarter than people think." That belief shines in the film, as Colfer takes clique stereotypes to a a humanly relatable level.

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