Post-Holiday TV Guide: 30 Rock, Kourtney & Kim, Downton Abbey and More

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The holidays are finally over, and not a moment too soon. Remember how excited you were to spend time with your family, eat fattening foods, and have nothing to do during the holidays this year? Now, you're just stressed out after spending time with your family, eating fattening foods, and being bored to tears with nothing to do for the better part of the past two weeks.

The TV landscape hasn't been helping much lately, either. For the second half of December, your small-screen offerings are reduced to reruns and corny Christmas specials.

But now that we're in the new year, TV viewers have reason to rejoice. Our stories are back! Check out when your favorites are returning after the jump.

30 Rock
January 10

Now that Liz Lemon's a married woman, how will 30 Rock end its final season? The beginning of the end is just eight days away -- and it's set in Florida, with Liz helping Jack to settle his mother's estate.

American Horror Story
January 2

Aliens, demon possession, face-wearing psychopaths, evil Nazi geniuses -- the second season of American Horror Story has pretty much all the scary movie spooks you can imagine. We can't wait to see who'll come out alive.

Downton Abbey
January 6

If you're a fan of the TV masterpiece from across the pond, the last several months have been torture, as the next season of Downton debuted in England, just out of your grasp. But regardless of whether you made it through the spoiler minefield of the Internet unscathed, you'll get to reunite with the whole Yorkshire crew this weekend.

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