The Real Housewives of Miami, Part Two: Mama Elsa Magic and Other Merry Moments

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And It All Comes Down To This
To end it on a good, but awkward note, here is what we found out the ladies are up to now:

Joanna: A fairytale wedding is in the works. Can we get an invite?

Lisa: She is trying her best to put a baby in that tiny little body of hers.

Karent: She has given up her gay boyfriend, er, we mean, boyfriend. Sorry, we'll stop hating.

Lea: She feels bad if she was mean to anyone in season two. The fact that one of her world-famous cackles didn't follow that statement is a miracle/disappointment.

Adriana: She's getting married in the spring. Is there a wedding dress low-cut enough?

Marysol: We are still hoping she and her French baguette of a husband will reconnect. What can we say? We're romantic types.

Ana: She is currently plotting the death of Lea Black. Oh and her ex-husband's girlfriend.

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