Second Saturday Art Walk: January's Five Most Exciting Shows

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Se7n-Greed, (After Ingres).jpg
courtesy 101/Exhibit
A selection from "SE7N."
What better way for the Design District's 101/Exhibit to cap its year than with a grotesque display of terrifying creatures? After all, 2012 was a monster year for the space's owners, who expanded to a second location in L.A.'s West Hollywood neighborhood in October.

That kind of bicoastal success was far from guaranteed when Sloan Shaffer opened the space just as the recession hit in 2008. "You had Sloan talking about opening a gallery in that economic climate, and I thought it was perhaps a little unhinged," says Kevin Van Gorp, the gallery's director. "But his enthusiasm swayed me."

That enthusiasm is on full display in the gallery's latest show, one of the highlights of this month's Second Saturday Art Walk beginning at 6 p.m. this weekend.

Our picks for the culture crawl's top exhibits feature everything from fiendish photo collages to a dissection of the banal, a collection of paper bag portraits, and a trio of artists' eclectic vision of sculpture.

This exhibit features Chambliss Giobbi's psycho-sexually freighted photo collages depicting the seven deadly sins in haunting, mutating images. The New York-based Giobbi tackles wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony in works where business types, corporate CEOs, and women of questionable repute appear to have been mutilated on an autopsy slab before being stitched together like Frankenstein's monster. Giobbi typically photographs his subjects at length before tearing their images asunder to give birth to visions of visual and psychological alienation. The photos are densely textured and set against the backdrop of an organized religion's own worst nightmares. "Referencing his background in experimental symphony composition, Cham's work by nature is a mad-scientist arrangement," Van Gorp says.
101/Exhibit, 101 NE 40th St., Miami. Call 305-573-2101 or visit

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101 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

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Julio Brouwer
Julio Brouwer

i'm unfortunately working, but tomorrow night im down for whatever art walk festivities.

Julio Brouwer
Julio Brouwer

i got my scramble tomorrow, BUT gramps has karaoke and i'm down to do a little guns n roses with J Humberto Jimenez

Dennis Barranco
Dennis Barranco

J Humberto Jimenez, you ready good buddy. Maybe Julio Brouwer can join us and we can grab a beer or 5 at wood bar.

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