Second Saturday Art Walk: January's Five Most Exciting Shows

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"Gimrack" and "Fairy Tales"
For aficionados of bold abstract metal sculptures that defy description, two artists at Pan American Art Projects offer contrasting visions with works that are both unexpected and gravity-defying. Ted Larsen's show "Gimrack" boasts salvaged steel and mixed media works rife with color and unpredictable shapes that are labor intensive and often are cobbled together painstakingly not unlike a puzzle."It can take years to develop the forms, with many false starts and revisions," says Larsen, whose forms may appear random but are conceptually-freighted.

Carolina Sardi's equally stunning suite of works also turn the head in her show titled "Fairy Tales." Perhaps best known for her beguiling wall installations, often reminiscent of cascading organic and uncanny forms, Sardi has introduced fresh surfacing to her pieces employing the process of plating the steel she uses in chrome, gold, copper and silver finishes to convey the impression of shining firmaments. The end result places the viewer before a fragmented mirror effect while the forms cast a constellation of beguiling shadows on the walls behind them. "These effects are addressing the question of form and essence, what is real and what is not and the mythical idea of the man reflecting in a mirror as Narcissus once did," explains Sardi.
Pan American Art Projects, 2450 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-573-2400 or visit

"Organic Geometry"
For his eye-catching solo, Franck Loret draws upon an organic lexicon to explore the unseen nature of the vegetal and molecular, creating airy sculptures that tinker with the mysteries of interior construction. The Frenchman, a former actor and playwright, employs vinyl to confect supple, flexible works reminiscent of skins peeled from their original forms that take on a buoyant architectural nature. Swapping the fiction of the stage for the real life stories he witnesses daily, Loret slides between the lines of the spaces that surround us to offer his vision of the unseen connections between man and the complex nature of our relationship with a shifting environment.
Lelia Mordoch Gallery, 2300 North Miami Ave., Miami. Call 786-431-1506 or visit

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101 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

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174 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

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David Castillo Gallery

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Pan American Art Projects

2450 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Lelia Mordoch Galerie

2300 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Julio Brouwer
Julio Brouwer

i'm unfortunately working, but tomorrow night im down for whatever art walk festivities.

Julio Brouwer
Julio Brouwer

i got my scramble tomorrow, BUT gramps has karaoke and i'm down to do a little guns n roses with J Humberto Jimenez

Dennis Barranco
Dennis Barranco

J Humberto Jimenez, you ready good buddy. Maybe Julio Brouwer can join us and we can grab a beer or 5 at wood bar.

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