Tattoolapalooza 2013: Skin, Ink, Art, and One Horny Alien

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Photos by George Martinez
Slingin' ink
The sound of a thousand needle stabs a second rang out through the Hyatt, sounding like a nest of angry bees attacking flesh with images of monsters, pinups, anchors, and stars for Tattoolapalooza 2013. When convention organizer Mickey Steinberg told us he was bringing down great artists in a professional environment, he meant it. The twice-a-year convention kicked off 2013 with a symphony of ink, and we caught up with artists from Sweden, Cali, Jersey, Spain, Peru, and the MIA, working in mediums from paintbrush, to body paint, to penitentiary-inspired tattooing, and prosthetics at the art-of-all-kinds event.

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Check out this video to see and hear some of what was going on throughout the convention floor, including a two-dicked alien picking up a chick from Jupiter.

Daniel from Tofu Tattoo in Sweden worked on intricate water color works in a booth beside tattooers.

Funky Mattas claims the Guinness World Record for most signatures tattooed on a human back. His most recent acquisitions include Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Steveo of Jackass.

Behind this ginger bombshell, the great horrorist Paul Acker Dan Henk works deep in concentration.

Austin from the great touring metal band Black Tide gets his sleeve worked on by Biagio's Tattoo out of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, professional pinup model Jesse Lee Denning hustles autographed posters and promoted Tattoo Goo, one of many aftercare products in the building.

Art was on display through every square foot of the nearly football field-sized space. Here, a human canvas shows off a freshly painted work.

So if you're looking to get some work done by a great tattoo artist, hit up Tattoolapalooza when it returns in June.

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Thanks for the great shot of my body paint piece! We had a fantastic time at TattooLaPalooza! 

Until next year..


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