The Estefans Have Gone Broadway! Ten Miamians Who Deserve Their Own Musical More

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Iggy Pop and Irish Nicky
Neither of these party animals were born in Miami. But both are honorary citizens and then some. Maybe we should deviate from the format a little. Instead of an autobiographical musical, can we make a buddy movie with titties, guns, titties made out of guns, guns made out of titties, etc? For the score, we'll get all the heavy cuts from the Easy Rider soundtrack, and replace all of flower power crap with Motörhead jams.


Rick Sanchez
A musical about one of Miami media's signature mimbos would be like a remake of Man of La Mancha in which the protagonist is Sancho Panza. But he's no Sancho Panza, he's Sanchez Panda -- a fictional hybrid of the country's best worst Cuban American talking head, and Sancho Panda from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda. We have included the bear motif because -- and we believe this is no coincidence -- Rick Sanchez does in fact greatly resemble a panda.


Muscle Boy
Honestly, we're dying for someone to make a Muscle Boy musical so we can learn all VH1 Behind the Music-style about how he (probably) dropped out of life with bong in hand following his famous flexing during the Marlins' triumphant 1997 World Series run.

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