The Estefans Have Gone Broadway! Ten Miamians Who Deserve Their Own Musical More

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Father Albert Cutié
The story of a media mogul big pimpin' Catholic priest whose secret romance is exposed by the paparazzi and results in him switching denominations and, uh, landing a book deal...maybe all that would be better suited for, like, an opera? Or maybe a porno? An Opera porno? Hey, is it too late to apply for a Mastermind Grant?


La Reina de las Café con Leche
The plot follows a trio of female protagonists as they are raised from the birth in the dark arts cult science of Cuban coffee.

Gianni Versace
The life, times, and tragic death of Gianni Versace would be high drama on the order of the pussy poppin' priest story. But with a dash of South Beach.

Pepe Billete
Cultist would like to begin a national petition to recast the entirety of Broadway's leading men with Pepe Billete. We want to see that chico onstage during everything from The Music Man to Stomp

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