Bear Grylls Talks Jungle Sex, Turtle Enemas, and Pee Drinking

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He can often be found eating the type of stuff we step on: bugs, leaves, dirt, etc. He's also given himself an enema while "stranded" in the middle of the ocean on a bamboo raft, frequently chugs his own urine, and has even slept inside of a dead camel. A dead camel.

But Bear Grylls isn't under psychiatric care or locked up at some insane asylum. In fact, his unusual diet and unorthodox lodging is his bread and butter.

As the former star of Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild and current star of Discovery International's Ultimate Survivors, this English adventurer has managed to capitalize on his expert survival skills and turn them into a highly-marketable personal brand. From television to books to retail to philanthropy, Grylls does it all.

His latest television project, Get Out of Alive, is unscripted reality competition that premieres this summer on NBC.

"We basically take 20 people--10 couples--on an epic journey across mountains and rainforests for a month solid, carrying all of their gear on their back," Grylls tells New Times. "They're going to be busting their balls alongside me, living off whatever they find. They have no idea what they're going to have to go through."

Grylls is also busting his balls pushing a new line of heavy-duty inflatable boats, which he'll unveil today at the Miami International Boat Show.

"I've led expeditions all over the world in these boats," he says. "It's always been a dream to build and design one of our own, and we've done it. We're super psyched."

We asked our Twitter followers for questions for the survivalist. Grylls took some time off to answer those reader-submitted questions from his hotel room on South Beach, covering topics from sticking pipes up his "jacksie" to having sexual encounters in the jungle. Check out what he had to say after the cut.

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