Bear Grylls Talks Jungle Sex, Turtle Enemas, and Pee Drinking

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New Times?: You once gave yourself an enema in the middle of the ocean on a bamboo raft; I can't imagine that being your first choice. How many survival tactics did you have to test before ultimately deciding, okay, an enema would totally keep me alive here for the next few days?
Grylls: It's from a story I knew of a British couple that had been sailing across the world, got hit by a whale and ended up in a life raft.

It was a mother, father and, I think, three kids. They caught turtles and lived off the all the turtle blood and meat, ran out of water, and drinking a mix of all of the turtle blood and rain water that was gather in the bottom of the raft but it was making them sick.

The mother was a nurse and knew that if she could get that fluid into their body through their backside, it'd hydrate them...

I hate that when you're watching these survivor shows, people are munching down on all this stuff and they're going, "Yummy! Great!'

There's nothing great about sticking a pipe full of fluids full of bird poo and blood up your jacksie (ass)."

Danny in Miami wants to know what your favorite national park is, and why?
The Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, in the U.K.

For me, it holds real power and memory. I've worked harder than I probably ever worked anywhere in my life those mountains over many months. It's a real kind of spiritual home wherever I'm having a hard time in life.

A different Danny in Miami asks, have you ever failed at trying to make it out of a survival scenario while filming one of the shows and had to call for rescue during an episode? If so, how many times?
I got very injured in the Canadian Rockies once and we had to be helicoptered out to hospital. I was very lucky to not have been killed that day. I was hit by a falling camera in a big metal housing at 50-miles-per-hour down a steep snow-ice space, smashed into my leg.

They said if it were two inches to the left, it would've taken my head off and killed me.

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