Bear Grylls Talks Jungle Sex, Turtle Enemas, and Pee Drinking

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From Tristan in Miami: Do you enjoy hugs?
Hugs? Yeah, it's the best thing in the world.

I've got three young boys and there's nothing in the natural world--no mountain, no nothing--that compares to getting home after you've busted your balls on some adventure and getting hugs from the boys. It's a big driving force in my life.

Joseph in Wisconsin asks, have you ever met a bear with a grill?
(Laughs). No, but I'm ever hopeful.

Maria in Miami wants to know if you've ever had a sexual encounter with a lady of the jungle?
I have, but it's not for repeating. And it was with my wife!

And finally, Alex from Miami Beach wants to know -- and this one is a little kinky -- do you ever drink urine in your spare time?
No. But if I had a dollar for every time somebody offered me a pint of urine at a bar, I wouldn't be filming any TV shows.

I drink it for survival purposes only. Although there are a few weirdos who do it for fun, but I'm definitely not in that category.

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