Seven Ways Community is Better Than 30 Rock

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Just one week ago, 30 Rock broke the hearts of TV critics, everyone on the Internet, and roughly four dozen viewers when it ended with a near-perfect series finale.

But tonight, those same people are rejoicing. Community, another little-watched but critically beloved NBC sitcom, is returning to our TV screens after a lengthy and tumultuous hiatus.

Both shows constantly drop pop-culture references, take place in an absurdist version of reality, and have accumulated legions of devotees. And though the two have very different styles of humor and points of view, there are some things that Community just does, well, better.

So chin up, 30 Rock fans, and dry your flurmy tears by letting Jeff, Britta, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and, for a limited time, Pierce into your heart.

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7. The Community cast is hotter.
TV's obsession with physical attractiveness was one of 30 Rock's favorite things to mock, and that show did it better than anything else on TV. But Community sure does know how to appeal to its viewers' basest instinct. There's a character named after Allison Brie's breasts, for crissakes -- and yeah, that character is a monkey, but it's also a really excellent excuse to look at Annie's boobs.

See also: Shirtless Joel McHale. Rawr.

6. Dean Pelton > Paul in drag
Look, no one's saying that Will Forte's 30 Rock appearances as Paul, the Jenna Maroney drag queen who Jenna herself falls for, weren't great. But Jim Rash's Dean Pelton is more consistent -- he's in drag nearly every single episode -- and way more faaaaabulous. Also, he's an Oscar winner.

5. Himbo Troy > Bimbo Cerie
When it comes to stereotypes of dumb people, Community beats 30 Rock hands-down. Cerie's purpose was to be hot, skinny, smug, and stupid; Troy's a dimwit former jock, but he also makes you love him. And loving the people on your TV screen is just more fun than heartlessly mocking them. (Okay, most of the time.)

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I love Community and this is the worst list i've ever read. I must be on the handicap part of the internet, my mistake.

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