Seven Ways Community is Better Than 30 Rock

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4. Troy & Abed In The Morning > TGS
TGS was the foundation of 30 Rock's plot; without the show-within-the-show, 30 Rock wouldn't have existed, and for that we are thankful. But when it comes to fictional TV shows we'd watch if they were real? Troy & Abed in the Moooooorning, hands down.

3. Troy and Abed's friendship > Liz and, well, anyone
Liz Lemon's friendships on 30 Rock made for good humor because they were so mismatched. Jenna was the vain, flaky star to Liz's frumpy, organized showrunner; Jack was the assured conservative to Liz's flustered feminist, etc.

Troy and Abed's friendship is funny because they just love each other so much. It's like watching puppies playing, if those puppies were also obsessed with terrible action movies and build pillow forts and rap with Betty White. What, do you hate puppies or something? (Of course you don't; you're on the Internet.)

2. Community's way better when stoned.
Trust us; we've tested this theory. 30 Rock's rapid-fire punchlines fly by way too fast when you're high. And if you really think about it, man, Community's super deep. Troy and Abed's imaginarium is, like, one giant hallucination -- or is it? And the timelines. Dude, so many timelines.

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I love Community and this is the worst list i've ever read. I must be on the handicap part of the internet, my mistake.

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