Valentine's Day: Ten Last-Minute, Cheap, and Ridiculous Gifts from Fiverr

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It's Valentine's Day, and if you forgot to procure a present for your significant other, say hello to shit creek. Sans paddle.

But we're still on your side, you deadbeat, so we compiled a list of last minute gifts you can acquire for just $5 on the brilliantly useful website, Fiverr. From redneck tributes to love bunnies, there are all kinds of options for the broke and desperate. Unfortunately, they're all inherently ridiculous. But hey, worth a shot, right? If your better half is as desperate as you are, you might still get laid tonight, after all.

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10. Bunny Love
Giving your boyfriend a sexy picture of another woman on Valentine's Day might seem slightly sketchy for some chicks. But for other couples, it might serve as kinky kindling for that physical fire. Hey, whatever you're into.

9. Bulldog Love
Everyone loves puppies. Particularly of the smushy faced, bulldog variety. For $5, a cute English bulldog pup will shill love to your S.O. Adorable animals make for foolproof nookie bait.

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