Mastermind 2013 Honorable Mention: JeanPaul Mallozzi

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JeanPaul Mallozzi
Your work often deals with children. What do you miss most about childhood?
Just the randomness of playing games. I mean that's really a big thing for me. Fortunately I have some weird friends who would do this, when we get the time, we'd probably require a few beers. We used to do mimosas and Monopoly. Five or six people and we'd play hard. There was this saying: if you're not willing to lose your friends over a board game, you're not playing hard enough. We'd give out more money and start rolling, start buying. The mimosas would flow, so obviously shit talking would flow, deals would flow. I would tend to win most times, I'd make some epic deals. That's what I miss. I miss doing that. I'm still a kid at heart. I won't lose that and I try to never forget that. If I wasn't, I don't think I could do this as long as I've been doing it. I've got to get another board game going. I was always the top hat. They just [got rid of] the iron. I don't know anybody that played that ever wanted to be the iron!

Favorite color?
Green. I don't know why, there's something about it. I relate it to food, I relate it to good wealth, to good luck. My eyes are green. There's something about it I just love.

What's one thing that Miami does better than NYC?
You're asking me a tough question 'cause you're talking about my home. That's my home base. One of the things, it's obvious but it was helpful. I got to touch base with my mother's side of the family. There's a huge Cuban community down here, a Cuban influence. I grew up in a neighborhood that was prominently Jewish and Korean. We were the odd family out. It was cool, a whole range of friends would be coming to my house and they were enamored with my family who was loud, boisterous, big on food, family, and a language that was spilling out everywhere, Spanish nobody understood.

Down here when I got here, I wasn't Cuban enough. It's a whole culture here that I knew nothing about. My Spanish was rusty. I started becoming more in tune with it and took a lot more from it. Hialeah and obviously South Beach offers a huge array of different things. There's a huge Spanish thread through it all, a Cuban thread. The food, some of the food down here is fantastic. So I'll always be grateful to Miami for that. Roots from my family, roots I didn't know about.

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