Inside PAMM: The New Miami Art Museum Lets the Sunshine In (Photos)

Ciara LaVelle
A sunny day at the PAMM site.
People come to Miami for the beaches, for the palm trees, for the weather. Art Basel aside, they don't generally come to Miami to stand around inside under a bunch of fluorescent lighting. (Not during the daylight hours, anyway.)

So Herzog & de Meuron, the architects of the rapidly rising Perez Art Museum Miami, have made it their mission to make the new museum feel as breezy and tropical as possible. Some of it was simple; include an open-air deck facing Biscayne Bay to capitalize on those soothing sea breezes, for example. But some of it had never been done before. Today, the largest single sheet of hurricane-resistant glass ever manufactured was installed at the new building.

We stopped by to see the building-in-progress for ourselves. Check out our photos after the jump.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate several of the museum's galleries, adding a touch of natural light these spaces that you won't find in most museums.

Installing the windows was, understandably, a slow and careful process. The largest measure 17.5 ft. by 7 ft., and weigh 2,500 lb., requiring about 10 construction workers to fit them into place.

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