MasterMind 2013 Honorable Mention: Farley Aguilar

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What artists did you learn from when you taught yourself to draw and paint?
When I was around 18 I read mostly literature and philosophy. Years later, when I started drawing, it was mostly technique for me. I would go outside and draw from nature trying to teach myself perspective and how to deal with space in a two-dimensional way. I would draw my girlfriend, from porn magazines, Victoria's Secret catalogues, copy old masters like Boucher, to learn the proportions of the human body. At that time I did really like Francis Bacon and Egon Schiele; this has changed a bit.

What's your favorite Miami neighborhood?
I have a studio on the outskirts of Little Haiti and I always enjoy the car ride over there. There are always tons of people on the street, all the stores have hand-painted advertising, there is music blaring from stores. I love all the energy, it's great right before going to paint.

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