Comedian Jessica Gross on "Mr. Bang Bus," Awkward Swagger, and How to be Her Valentine

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New Times: Is it harder to write a joke, or get up on stage and tell it?
Jessica Gross: It's harder to try and do a cart wheel at 31 years old with no health insurance in my immediate future. But this video makes me believe:

What is your absolute worst fear that could realistically happen during a taping of your set?
That someone will throw their dirty underwear at me. I have a way with people, some may call it charm, but I call it "Awkward Swagger."

You briefly fled Miami for New York. Did New Yorkers not get the talking vibrator jokes as well as Miamians?
Listen, people love vibrators no matter where you live, even Utah. Although they are probably just using them as back massagers there. Who am I kidding? Utah likes to get down too!

Greater chance of being groped: New York subway during rush hour or Hip-hop Weekend on South Beach?
There's a Hip-Hop Weekend on South Beach? I must have missed the bus! What? And I'll never ever ever do it again!*

*Name that artist and I will draw you a Valentine's Day card. Post in comments below!<

Why do you hate on short dudes in your routine? The "mountain climbing" mentality just makes us try harder.
I don't hate, I regulate.

b>While on stage, if things are going for the worse, what's your go-to topic?
I just push on until it makes everyone uncomfortable, then I cry, which leads to vomiting, then the audience begins to vomit kinda like this clip from "Stand by Me."

Worst/best heckle?
There are many but "Mr. Bang Bus" stands out above the rest:

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