Miami Employees Ranked Third Likeliest to Date Their Bosses

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Horrible Bosses, for real.
In this cutthroat, economy-slammed, every-man-for-himself world, there's just one surefire way to get ahead: sex. And Miami employees seem to know that better than most.

According to an "Office Romance Report" by business firm PayScale, Miamians are the third likeliest employees to date their bosses in the nation. Only workers in Orlando, Florida, and Austin, Texas, are knocking boots with their superiors more often.

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PayScale's report also analyzed categories like "Most Likely to Find Love at Work," "Most Likely to Have a Fling at Work," "Most Likely to Be On The Prowl," and "Least Likely to Approve of Office Romance."

But Miami's not on any of those lists, because Miami workers are all about that hustle. There's job security, and then there's job security, are we right?


Here are the rest of the cities with the most lecherous bosses/enterprising new hires:

1. Austin, TX

2. Orlando, FL

3. Miami, FL

4. Denver, CO

5. Los Angeles, CA

6. Boston, MA

7. Portland, OR

8. Philadelphia, PA

9. Atlanta, GA

10. Houston, TX

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