Miami International Airport Ranks Among the Nation's Worst Airports for Flight Connections

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These screens at MIA helpfully indicate the flight you'll be missing next.
If you've ever been flustered by Miami International Airport's labyrinthine terminals, constant renovations, and misleading signage, you're not alone. The nation's travel agents are right there with you.

A survey of travel agents by Travel Leaders Group named the top ten worst airports for travelers hoping to catch a connecting flight, ABC News reports. And surprise! MIA's on it.

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MIA ranks at number six on the list. Chicago's O'Hare takes the number one spot, followed by every single airport in New York -- JFK at number two, LaGuardia at number four, and Newark at number five. Lucky number three is Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, also known as the airport that inspired this handy mnemonic device for the spelling of Delta Airlines: Delivers Everyone Late To Atlanta. (Ask your friends in Georgia.)

Another study citing MIA as a crappy airport comes as no surprise -- remember that time it was ranked as the second-worst airport in the nation? Or that time it was one of the worst airports in the world where you could get stranded? Or that other time it was ranked as the second-worst airport in the nation?

Hell, if we're grading on the Miami curve, a number six ranking on this list is at least a B-. In fact, we bet the crew at MIA is toasting to this victory right now. Because they're sure not helping travelers get anywhere.

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Brad Beaty

The cell phone lot doesn't exist. Don't believe the signs!

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