Mysterious MXYTSPLYK Street Art Posters Are Suddenly All Over Wynwood

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36th st at The Train Tracks detail
For those who still shoot dope, rob, thieve, and steal to pay the bills, a new series of social expressionist works have exploded in Wynwood.

The artist, known only as MXYTSPLYK, has been gluing his visions to the walls of the city and paying tribute to the local characters who populate it.

The multiple Youth Fair award winner is a prolific painter, represents himself, and is doing this "just to get attention. No one's really gonna know what the hell my name is or anything. They're just gonna immediately recognize the Garbage Pail Kid style."

Here are some more of his works and his explanations behind them.

29th Street and Biscayne Blvd.
Splyk says, "If you are from this area, you might recognize the styrofoam cups with overflowing purple codeine beverage. This is my take on the character AbleGW who paints those pieces. His walls are hard to miss and delight anyone who passes by them."

36th Street and NE Second Ave.
"These works are based on people I admire or inspire me. So I guess I'm putting them up to honor them as well as mock them, but in a friendly way. Gnarly Charlie is an enlightened boy gouging three of his eyes while he points seven fingers in the air; this is a tribute to a member of the South Side Kings by the alias "3i7." Alouishous san Coma is a friendly jab at Aholsniffsglue."

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Robertson Adams
Robertson Adams

There's a fake Twitter account with that name. Some kind of publicity stunt happening here

Depot Msa
Depot Msa

Able Gw Alouishous San Gomma


@Robertson Adams I have my EYE on you!

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