Mysterious MXYTSPLYK Street Art Posters Are Suddenly All Over Wynwood

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23rd Street and NW Second Ave.
"Micks Split is one man with two sides, a man of contradictions and vices. He is a saint and a sinner, a preacher and a killer. All in all, he is an allegory of myself, and also an easy way to pronounce my name: MIX IT SPLICK."

Interestingly, he admits, "I'm kinda against what I'm doing -- against doing retro shit and mimicking shit like Garbage Pail. But the truth is that people can identify and connect to it, and some of the ones I've put up, I notice people ripping 'em down intact, not like ripped, not like destroyed, but peeled off slowly. I guess people wanna put 'em in their house or on their refrigerator or something."

Churchill's Pub
"Willy Wynwood is inspired by the true grittiness of Wynwood. This area might be recognized internationally for the growing art scene and trendy gastropubs, but its true essence is in the junkies who roam the streets shooting up their poison -- the scavengers at night who steal what they can to find their bliss."

Here is some older work by the same artist that you might recognize if you're ever in the area, located across the street from Fredric Snitzer Gallery:

And a more recent large-scale portrait, on 29th Street at NW Second Ave:

And as alias "Robert Blanco" on the "Garden Gate" at the Vagabond.

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Robertson Adams
Robertson Adams

There's a fake Twitter account with that name. Some kind of publicity stunt happening here

Depot Msa
Depot Msa

Able Gw Alouishous San Gomma


@Robertson Adams I have my EYE on you!

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