Website Logs Your Relationship Regrets, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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Chris Barr
The project is designed to inspire people to examine their past treatment of love and relationships and to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others, Barr said. "[We're] very good at filling all our time with things. And that means that love takes a back seat sometimes, which is really not a fantastic thing because they're an important part of our life, these relationships we build. Whether they're romantic relationships, or whether they're friends and family, they're really important to making us whole human beings and building the muscle of empathy that we take to the rest of our lives."

As mentioned above, Barr himself is no stranger to regret. Yes, his obsession with cramming as much productivity into each day has cost him a few romantic love interests. But Barr is most remorseful about failing to mend his relationship with his brother before his estranged sibling's suicide 10 years ago. This ongoing source of anguish prompted him to personally pen the first regret on his site. 

"I can't fix that now. That opportunity's passed. But I can think about how stupid it is to hold grudges," Barr said. "I'm interested in these stories as a beginning place to do things differently."

To post a regret and, if you wish, have a description of your woe mailed to its source free of charge, go to and click "Submit a Regret" at the top of the page. 

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