Bunny Yeager Wants to Take Sexy Pics of Lindsay Lohan for Her New Wynwood Studio

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Has anything changed about your approach to photography over the years?
I usually approach my photos the same way. You know, I just analyze what I like about a girl when I meet her, the things I want to change or rearrange -- a hairstyle or something. I like to settle all that before we actually go to shoot because I can usually tell what I want. I don't have to wait to take photos and then say, "Oh I have to change this." I like to do it in the beginning.

Are there any famous women you've always wanted to shoot?
The only one I can think of is -- I call her the girl that's always getting in trouble?

Lindsay Lohan?
Yes, Lindsay Lohan. I can't help it because she seems to have that attitude about herself from that era, and she, you know, she has a certain type of face and body. It just would be somebody who looks like they came from the past. I don't know whether she'd like to hear that or not, if she'd like to be thought of as something from the past -- she's today. Of all the girls, she might be somebody I could produce something nice with.

Bunny's new studio is hosting an opening exhibition this Thursday. The address is 557 NW 27th St., Miami, and the reception runs from 7 to 8 p.m., followed by a fashion show with designs by Lingerini and models from Nicole Shelley Models and Miss Latina International. Reservations are required, and attendees can RSVP to studiolaunch@visual.org or 305-571-1415.

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Bunny Yeager Studio

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