Fetish Star Mosh Celebrates Submission South Beach's Two-Year Anniversary

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Fetish star Mosh, performing Sunday at Dream.
In over 20 years stomping the concrete down Washington and Collins Avenues, Submission founder Robert Frost has seen a lot come and go in South Beach. But Submission, South Beach's only fetish party, helmed by Frost, celebrates its two-year anniversary Sunday, showing the rest of the beach that it is here to stay.

"South Beach is not what it used to be," said Frost. "It used to be chic, underground and original. Now it's Top 40, pretentious, and every place is doing the same thing. It feels good to create something original and have it be so successful."

To celebrate two years of freaking people out, Submission welcomes Mosh, one of the country's hottest fetish performers, Sunday at Dream nightclub.

Cultist caught up with the gorgeous talent on her drive home through tenacious Los Angeles traffic.

Cultist: In a relatively short time, you have catapulted to the top of the national fetish performance scene. How long have you been performing now?
Mosh: I first started performing in grade school.

Really? Wait, what?
No, I mean I used to perform acrobatics and gymnastics at school plays and talent shows. I started doing burlesque in 2007. I didn't even know what burlesque was.

Miss Mosh.
You've performed here in South Florida before but never in South Beach. What are you most looking forward to on your return here?
I performed at Fetish Factory (in Fort Lauderdale) May 2012 and Halloween 2011. Honestly, Florida is just all the same big state to me. I love the pastel colors and deco architecture, the pastel green and the peachy pink. That color scheme actually inspired a future show for me. As far as the fetish scene in Florida, I feel that it is very welcoming. I'm looking forward to mingling with the fetish crowd. It is a very diverse and unique group of people.

What do you most enjoy about performing?
I most enjoy the idea of building a show from scratch. Some take months, even years to develop. When you spend a lot of effort and time and then present to an appreciative crowd, it is really rewarding. Though it's obviously not intimate, performing on stage, it really feels like an intimate experience. You present a specific piece one way just one time. Some performances have the same steps, but it'll never be the exact same, with a different crowd on a different stage.

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Dream Nightclub

1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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This is going to be a FANTASTIC event. Submission is a *must* for the wild and fabulous and it's going to be an unforgettable night! See you all there <3


Sounds delicious! It's refreshing to see something new pop up in SoBe & succeed, quite refreshing. Cant wait for Sunday! 


Submission always has the BEST cutting edge parties in south beach. I absolutely can not wait for this event! Mosh is breath taking & i cant wait to see her perform live on sunday!


Cant wait!!! this party is going to be insane. Submission is a party that def stands out from the rest of the southbeach club scene. 

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