Fetish Star Mosh Celebrates Submission South Beach's Two-Year Anniversary

What do you plan to accomplish eventually? Where are you and your performances headed?
I want to perform for various audiences everywhere I can. I want to express all my ideas and keep building, refining, and growing. [Honking noises in the background] I'm sorry, I'm driving. It's a war driving in LA. I want every show to get bigger and better.

What are your goals for Saturday's show? Any specific plans for the Submission crowd?
I want to leave a memorable impression with every show. When people see the show, they will keep the memory with them. It's amazing to develop memories and leave an imprint on someone's mind. Saturday I will be performing two shows. One will be in fetish heels where I am literally on my tippy toes the whole time. It took time to develop the muscles to be able to perform that show. The other is called a lighted fan show. I've performed both shows before.

Any message to South Florida?
Come see the show! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Mosh will be performing at the two-year anniversary Submission South Beach Sunday at Dream Nightclub. Call 305-674-8018 or visit dreammia.com.

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Dream Nightclub

1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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This is going to be a FANTASTIC event. Submission is a *must* for the wild and fabulous and it's going to be an unforgettable night! See you all there <3


Sounds delicious! It's refreshing to see something new pop up in SoBe & succeed, quite refreshing. Cant wait for Sunday! 


Submission always has the BEST cutting edge parties in south beach. I absolutely can not wait for this event! Mosh is breath taking & i cant wait to see her perform live on sunday!


Cant wait!!! this party is going to be insane. Submission is a party that def stands out from the rest of the southbeach club scene. 

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