Super Bowl Commercials 2013: The Subliminal Message Drinking Game

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Subliminal Message: "This product has something to do with appealing to sexy ladies and, if you buy it, you will too."
Drinking Game: Chug a Smirnoff Twisted Arctic Berry.

We have always been a little skeptical about the concept of "Sex Sells." Only the saddest slice of the Super Bowl's ratings demographic can possibly believe that Doritos-breath is secretly a pheromone.

Subliminal Message: "YOLO!!!!!!!!"
Drinking Game: One shot of flaming absinthe for any and all references to contemporary popular cultural that will be rendered completely dated and obsolete next year. (Examples: "Gangnam Style," fucking #hashtags.)

We predict at least three "Gangnam Style" references before the night is over. So if you're seriously planning to play along with this game of drinking, you might also need to plan to lose control of your bowels and your memory. 'Cause you're getting shitty, stupid drunk.

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