The Oscars Best Picture Nominees, as Illustrated By Emoji

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The Academy Awards are just two days away. Maybe you've seen some of the films. Maybe you've seen none at all. Either way, you'll end up at your film buff friend's house on Sunday, and you're going to want to sound smart when you talk about the nominated movies.

But it's too late now to watch them all. What to do? With these handy emoji cheat sheets to this year's biggest Oscar films, you'll be in the clear. Maybe.

Beware: Tiny, adorable Japanese spoilers ahead.

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Emoji makes this year's most depressing film (yes, even more than Les Miserables) slightly more tolerable.

Somehow, it's just not quite as suspenseful this way.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Girl and father fight, storm hits, mythical pigs appear. That's pretty clear in emoji, right?

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