Yamil Piedra on A Pair of Nuts' Breakup, Calvin Klein, and His Interactive New Show

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It was one of the most memorable moments from the Super Bowl earlier this month. Calvin Klein's Concept black and white ad is centered around a dark male figure whose body is nothing less than perfect. Set to a mechanical electronic track, the commercial is like a scene out of Fritz Lang's Metropolis combined with a heavy dose of engine oil and H.R. Giger. It is reminiscent of things futuristic, old, dirty, and beautiful all at once. The figure moves his body with calculated and precise movements, showing muscles as if they were built from steel twine.

And Yamil Piedra took a dump all over it to promote his latest solo project, The Pretty Rock Project.

Best known as half of Miami comedic duo A Pair of Nuts, Piedra peeled himself away from the team to star in a one-man show called The Pretty Rock Project. It takes place this Saturday at the Just The Funny theater in Coral Gables.

The Emmy Award-winning comedian says the show is an evolution of his standup. Rather than standing on stage telling jokes, a centuries-old style of entertainment, Piedra is bringing himself into the modern world.

The show boasts a modern and interactive format by pulling together social media, multimedia, and fan interaction. He'll be using Twitter hashtags, pulling fans on stage, and doing everything possible to break the fourth wall. Imagine it as a magic show for adults, except there's no magic, only the giant Piedra bullying his audience members into laughing.

Before the show, Yamil answered questions via email about his moving from a duo into a one man show, the interactivity concept, and a deeply personal question about Cheetos.

Is this a full blown orchiectomy (removal of a testicle), or are you just taking some time off from A Pair of Nuts?
No, I didn't have a Lance-Armstrongotomy performed on me. I just suddenly became allergic to nuts. Unfortunately the rumors are true; A Pair of Nuts are no longer a pair. After nine years, we decided it was time to permanently bring down the curtain on the Nuts. We did some pretty amazing things in those nine years, but all good things come to an end. However, the Nuts will live on forever on this thing called the Internet. The Nuts might be done, but I'm still going full force, hence The Pretty Rock Project.

Your one man show promises lots of interaction. Should we take that in a Gallagher sort of way? Should the first two rows be wearing plastic ponchos?
There will be no smashing of watermelons or chili cans, so leave your plastic ponchos at home. Or bring them if you want, you'll just look like an asshole in the audience.

It's gonna be interactive in the sense that I'm selecting audience members to come up on stage with me to be part of the show. This is a concept I've been wanting to do for some time now, so I'm really looking forward to interacting with these humans.

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