Ten Easy Ways to Make Miami a Better Place

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It's easy to fall into a culture of consumerism, particularly in Miami. After all, we're a city that screams excess, from cars to coke to Kardashians.

But that's not all there is to the 305. There are lots of organizations working to make our city a better place, and they could all use our help.

Enter Philanthrofest, an annual outdoor festival designed to raise awareness of South Florida's top charity groups. There'll be food, music, art, and lots of good karma. In honor of the April 6 event and its many philanthropic participants, here are 10 easy ways to give back to the city that's so good to you.

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10. Donate your old bike to the Magic City Bicycle Collective.
Despite your good intentions to join Critical Mass each month, you haven't ridden on two wheels in years. Your once-beloved bike is rusting, her tires are getting flat, and the seat is aching for a little action. Time to donate her to our city's non-profit bike repair center. She'll get a new lease on life, and someone else will score a sweet ride.

9. Serve food to the homeless at Chapman Partnership.
No matter how bad your life may suck sometimes, you've got a roof over your head, which is more than many Miamians can say. So why not give a few hours of your time to those who aren't so lucky? The Chapman Partnership serves up over 800,000 hot meals to the homeless. So don some latex gloves and a hairnet and help out.

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